At IHC we are as flexible in how we deliver construction services as we are diverse in what we build.

In any format we are prepared to help our clients, public and private, get the quality product they want for the price they can afford. We build strategic partnerships when it’s logical under all delivery models.

Construction Management:

Construction Manager as Adviser or Constructor (at risk), is a formula to pre-select the company and people who will help you get what you want for the price you can afford in a competitive, open book approach.


Many projects lend themselves to a turnkey solution. IHC will guide Owners and their projects from design/budgeting, through permitting to a final product.

General Contracting:

We bid competitively in the public sector and open book in the private sector.

Self Performance:

No matter the delivery model, IHC has the construction equipment and skilled labor to back up the building services we provide. Our resources perform a myriad of complex and difficult jobs, maintain quality work and keep our sites clean, safe and ready.